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这种双双钻石(Dual Double Diamond, DDD)模型是在哈佛大学迈克尔?波特教授的钻石模型(Diamond model)的基础?发展成为九要素的综合评价模型。IPS国家竞争力研究报告运用DDD模型在国内和国际层次?分别对一个国家保有的物力及人力要素进行综合评价,以此而得出国家竞争力的排位。


Physical Factors 1. Factor Conditions (23)
Energy Resources

Oil production, Natural gas production, Coal production, Pig iron and crude steel production, Aluminum production,
Other Resources
Round wood production, Sawn wood production, Cement production, Fabrics production, Land area
2. Demand Conditions
Demand Size

GDP, GDP per capita, Trade account balance, Current account balance, Exports & Imports, Trade openness index, Trade diversification index, Export concentration ratio, Import concentration ratio,
Demand Quality
Consumer sophistication (Information, Quality, Price, Brands, Design, New products)
3. Related & Supporting    Industries (82)
Paved roads, Vehicles , Railway transport, Civil aviation, International maritime transport, International travel, International transportation,
Mobile phone subscribers, Personal computers, Internet hosts, Internet user, E-business, Annual investment in telecommunication, E-readiness score, International call, International communication, Cyber international trade,
Credit by banking sectors, Central bank policy, Financial risk rating, Financial institution’s transparency, Stock market capitalization, International capital flow, Country credit rating, Capital value, Capital accessibility, Exchange rate stability, Gross domestic savings, Gross domestic investment, International reserves, International reserves to imports,

Public spending on education, Educational system, Student-teacher ratio (Primary & Secondary school),
Science & Technology
Scientists & Engineers, Total expenditure on R&D, Government expenditure on R&D, Business expenditure on R&D, Information technology (IT),
Cluster Development
Local supplier quantity, Local supplier quality, Extent of collaboration among clusters,
Overall Living Environment
Human development index, Cost-of-living, New high-technology Industries (Nano, Bio, Opto technology etc.), Personal security, Social security program, Political risk, Quality of life, Globalization, National culture, Innovativeness & Creativity
4. Business Context (46) Strategy & Structure
Firm decision process, Firm strategy, Firm restructuring, Corporate governance, Rivalry,
Global Mindset Global standards, International changes, International competition, International brands, Equal treatment,
Business Culture
Shared value, The relationship between labor and management, Ethical practices, Insider trading, Social responsibility, Health, Safety & Environment concerns,
Foreign Investment Government financing from abroad, FDI outward, FDI inward, FDI openness, Portfolio outward, Portfolio inward, Portfolio openness
5. Workers (16) Quantity of Labor Force Population, Labor force, Employment rate, Output-input index, Productivity, Wage, Working hours, Annual compensation for manufacturing workers,
Quality of Labor Force Literacy rate?, Labor dispute, Attitude & Motivation, The openness of labor market, Labor union
6. Politicians &
   Bureaucrats (50
Politicians The legal framework, The legislative activity of the parliament, The political system, Leaders of society, Government competitiveness, Bribery & Corruption,
Bureaucrats Foreign exchange policy, Labor regulations, Foreign investment policy, Price control, Policy on government procurement, Policy on general infrastructure, Policy on financial sector, Tax policy, Policy on firm’s strategy and structure, Policy on industry rivalry, Unemployment policy, Government expenditure, Budget surplus, International trade policy, Policy on entrepreneurs, Policy on professionals, Foreign entrepreneurs, Government official’s competitiveness
7. Entrepreneurs (11) Personal Competence Decision making, Ability to seize opportunity, Entrepreneur’s core competences, Entrepreneur’s education level, Entrepreneur’s international experience,
Social Context Availability of entrepreneurs, New business, New ideas, Foreign entrepreneurs, Leaders of society
8. Professionals (13) Personal
Professional’s education level, Professional manager’s int’l experience, Professional’s international experience, Decision making, Ability to seize opportunities, Professional manager’s core competence,
Social Context Availability of professionals, Professional manager’s compensation, Professional’s compensation, Professional’s pride, Professional job’s openness, Leaders of society
Etc 9. Chance Events (2)   Chance event, Adjustment to external challenges
S. Supplementary
   Data (2)
  Competitiveness, Potential