About IPS
Research network comprising of experts-Doing our best to conduct professional and advanced research activities.
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The 33 research centers (as of Dec. 2005), which are comprised of experts from diverse fields from both within and out of the country, conduct independent research activities and form a network of professional researchers. Group research activities such as B.E.S.T Forum, Business Ethics is the Source of Top performance, Brand Forum and Health Care Competitiveness Forum also contribute to strengthening the network of professional researchers.

Research Centers

Center for Case Studies Center for Management Innovation Center for National Competitiveness Studies Center for International Negotiation Studies
Center for Global Strategies Center for Financial Management Center for Business Studies Center for Business Ethics
Center for Large Business Group Research Center for Northeast Asian Studies Center for Industrial Design Center for Culinary Culture
Center for Hospital Management Research Center for Venture Management Center for Brand Value Research Center for Oil Industry Studies
Center for Energy Industry Studies Center for European Management Studies Center for Distribution Research Center for Internet Research
Center for Automobile Industry Studies Center for Electronic Commerce Center for Korean and Chinese Entrepreneurship Center for Small and Medium Business Studies
Center for Corporate Governance Center for Regional Competitiveness Studies Center for CEO Studies Center for FDI Research
Center for IT Research Center for M&A Studies Center for NOFIA Center for SCM (Supply Chain Management)
Center for Sustainasility Management
* The Centers for National Competitiveness, Business Ethics, Brand Value, and Regional Competitiveness Studies are the key research areas of IPS.