Expansion of Korea brand management culture-We are focusing on creating a global brand
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Brand management study encompasses all research and consulting activities related to corporate, regional and national brands.

The importance of brand equity as an intangible asset that generates high added value has become more emphasized, and its scope has expanded to become relevant not only for products and companies, but also for regions and countries, thereby stimulating heightened interest in brand management and nurturing strategy.

To respond to such a social demand, the Institute for Industrial Policy Studies (IPS) established the Center for Brand Value Research in 2000 to drive the expansion of brand management culture through the evaluation and announcement of brand equity of domestic firms in monetary terms jointly with the MOCIE.

The Brand Team, set up within the Center for Brand Value Research, conducts brand consulting and advising activities for private companies as well as for local and central governments by leveraging the Advisory Committee of the Center for Brand Value Research consisting of top-caliber brand experts in Korea.

The main purposes of the Brand Team's activities is to 1) disseminate the importance of brand management culture to domestic firms, 2) propose to governmental agencies strategic direction for enhancing country brand equity, 3) serve as a venue for cultivating brand experts and for brand practitioners to form a network and share information.

To this end, the Brand Team conducts the following activities:


Study/evaluation (in monetary term) and announcement of product and corporate brand equity
Study and announcement of national brand equity evaluation
Direction for development of design industry and advisory work for the government


Brand management consulting to and advisory work for private firms
Consulting and advisory work on local government, government agency and country brand management

Brand management culture expansion projects

  • Korea Brand Conference
  • Brand Forum
  • The Society for Design Industry
  • Brand Specialist Program
  • Brand Cases Development
  • Brand workshops and seminars